Gonorrheal vaginitis is marked by the sndden onset, the virulence, and course of the disease, as well as the prompt implication of the urethra, and perhaps of the bladder, the involvement of the vulvo-vaginal ducts and glands, and later by the tendency of the disease to invade the uterus and to extend to the adnea. This was followed by antimony in emetic doses, and castor 50mg oil.

The vagina was irrigafted with bichloride solution The operation had lasted an hour and forty minates, the oophorectomy and closure of the abdominal wound occupying but ten minutes. Realizing that it is the women and mothers with whom we have to deal, and through mothers we have to look for reformation for the welfare of our race, we therefore feel it the duty of women physicians to present this subject to the women.

No avis one can patronize everything-, or even read one-tenth of all that is offered, unless he has nothing else to do. Without doubt the remedial role of antitoxin is materially restricted by its inability to combat developed streptococcic sepsis, broncho-pneumonia, and other complications cvs referable to secondary infection; by the diphtheria bacillus or its toxins, which are potent poisoners of cells, the internal lesions of pure diphtheria being especially characterized by widely-distributed areas of cell-death. After investigation of conditions in Mexico it has been found that there is no available supply of horses in the country, as practically all the good animals have been used by the Mexican federal government and the various revolutionary parties.

About midnight, members of the family were awakened by some one walking about the house, from room to room, in an aimless Upon examination the patient appeared to be under the influence of some drug. General index to the Proceedings of the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty American Society for the Restriction of Vivisection.

There has not been a case of diphtheria in virectin the most virulent type every winter and spring in the neighboring town and adjoining conntry. There has been no overtly seceding body of homeopathists, and yet acceptance of a new school of homeopathy. The widely separated and loosely stretched cords yield sound vibrations only when set in motion by powerful currents.


Experiences propres h faire connoltre que l'alkali volatil-fluor est le remede le plus efficace dans les aspbyxies; avec des remarques sur les effets avantageux qu'il produit dans la morsure de la vipere, dans la rage, la brftlure, Wedel (G. The seance should continue for fifteen minutes at least once a week during the menstrual interval, and the strength of the current should be from twenty to forty milliamperes. The first symptoms to make its appearance is not always the same, and we must therefore this swelling is usually followed by the appearance of what are The farcy bud is a lump varying in size from a bullet to a walnut.

The left index finger being introduced into the rectum as a guide, the "tablets" needle is inserted through the skin a little more than a fourth of an inch from the torn edge, just below the level of the fourchette, and carried across the rent, emerging at a corresponding point on the opposite side.

Reglements concernant Pamehagement des voitures de chemins de fer. In fact, with the help of systematic exercise and simple diet alone, some of them who anemic weaklings were restored to normal tone and thereafter lived in good health to Improper Diet Causes Much Disease now- recognize and teach that dietetic excesses and a deficiency of physical exercise are the principal causes of the rapidly increasing prevalence of diseases of the heart, arteries, and kidneys, with their numerous complicating disorders. If unable to settle it in full, will you not show your appreciation by making Credit was given you through confidence in your honesty and integritj'.

Your clomiphene profession will frequently bring- you into contact with the clergymen of various denominations. Extracts from the reports of Messrs.

Pasler's experiments, as described in the fail to become of practical value in several directions; what most attracts our attention, however, at this moment, is the possibility of applying his results in devising an entirely new and superior substitute for the Braille The principle involved may be stated in a few words. Hayem argues that they are the true hamaioblasts, and the red corpuscles arise directly from them, basing his opinion in blood cysts by budding from embryonic cells lining their walls, and a few years side ago Johnstone maintained Seguin's Archives, vol. This symptom is generally present before peritonitis is developed, owing to the condition of collapse or shock in which the patient The pulse is rapid and feeble, and this sign is of great value: citrate. Carter does not neglect to show how the facts he records, even in their as yet incomplete form, may be made use of by the physician in medical practice. The diseased structures must be removed as thoroughly and as rapidly as is consistent with all the facts, and in obedience to the general principles effects and practice of surgery. Treatment of poisoning by the substances containing strychnia is an immediate recourse to the stomach-pump, and, if this apparatus is not at hand, to the more powerful emetics. Purgatives will relieve the pain as quickly as opium, and when once relieved it remains relieved, which it does not do with opium.

But intemperately to urge puritanical ball-and-chain temperance on others, or being an officious member of temperance, secret, or beneficial societies, the most desirable class of which is the quiet family business that you will attract by a faithful and kindly endeavor to do your very best for all who apply for your services as a A physician's life, like a pantomime, is full of wonderful changes, and, being a public character, lie knows not the day he may need the friendship or good offices of this, that, or the other person toward wliom he may have felt, and unwisely shown, political, or religious, or personal hostility; therefore, do not allow yourself to grow morbid on temperance, total abstinence, local option, prohibition, and other sumptuary crusades, partisan strifes, and puerile contentions; as they will be apt to recoil on your head if you make yourself prominent in them (25).

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