The treatment should be by early and absolute rest to the affected part as the only thing to be de pended upon to check the progress of the inflammation. In this manner Cantani considers that the tissues are permeated and cleansed by the water and freed of ptomaines, and this takes place without disturbance of any kind, except occasionally a slight chill.


A febrile reaction was noted in only four of the animals, and these four were found, when all the animals were killed, to be the only tuberculous ones in the herd. I have endeavored in every instance, although gradually increasing the dose, to retain normal temperatiure. A discussion ensued, which was on the whole favorable to cremation, and the following resolutions were passed with only a few dissentients:" That governments should be urged to remove all legislative obstacles to the cremation of bodies.""That governments be urged to a. The peracute symptoms over, active treatment can be gradually resorted to. Yet tlie method gives good results. The temperature of the caisson and that of the external air were almost exactly alike, so that tha,result obtained could not be influenced by contraction or e.xpansion due to temperature. Pins transversely, one" through the aponeurosis above the upper fragment," the other through the ligamentum patellae, and tied A more extended experience is needed to determine the measure of risk in these various operative methods, for, I think, it can fairly be held that the functional results obtained by nonoperative methods are, on the whole, so good that a resort to operative methods that are accompanied by a decided risk, either treated by michi the subcutaneous silk suture. The average number of children m without the Asylum is two hundred and fifty-three, and their average age Dr.

As the opposite happens, as a constant reduction of the number of bacteria is found when the shelllish are healthy, the importance of this factor in the transmission of typhoid fever must also be taken into account. No drainage-tul)e price need be employed.

Theories which suppose that sex can be influenced during the development of the individual are now almost entirely discredited, and those which postidate that the sex is irrevocably fixed at the moment of impregnation hold the field. Leaving micro out in this consideration, the specific and malignant ulcers or those dependent on st rumor and allied conditions, the most common type, is that seen below the knee, consecutive to disease of the veins, so common in working people and child-bearing women. Undoubtedly in a certain number of the cases the cause was shortness or twisting of the cost cord. In one of malignant disease of the rectum and uterus the rectum was resected and the uterus removed through the free opening made by section of the sacrum. The wounds were closed, and in the first twenty-four hours after that manipulation the patient passed about two gallons of urine. The pulse had gone down, temperature had gone down. After using a hypodermic syringe for an experiment on animals he sterilized it through a spirit "gel" flame and administered himself an injection of morphia. The treatment is the outcome of the study of an old priest, and consists chiefly in spraying water over the body in various places, dressing at once without drying, and brisk walking immediately afterward. The experience of active practice has furnished the author with the otherwise unattainable practical knowledge which is displayed everywhere throughout the volume; and the amount of reading which he must have kept up at the same time in order to collect all the collateral information here furnished is the best evidence of his industry and enthusiasm in the study of the healing art.

Little had been added to our knowledge of the subject since the appearance of Goodell's paper, twenty years ago. The peritonotomy itself is a Bmall step in the whole proI know one general surgeon who muzik lost six patients in Bix weeks. The speaker related a number of cases of drunkards who became tuberculous, and he said this was a question of the most urgent moment, especially in cities. Casey Wood says" in his recent work on"Commoner Diseases of the Eve" that"the starring point of a pterygium is viagra usually a small ulcer at the corneal A well developed pterygium frequently keeps the whole conjunctiva irritated which upon the slightest provocation becomes inflamed. Native is immune to trypanosomiasis, but that the European is not, this conclusion being arrived at on the analogy of the wild and domestic animals and nagana. Sensation returned within four months after operation, the other symptoms gradually disappearing: phenergan. His blood, examined many times for Widal, was negative; negative also for malaria and for leucocytosis.

A sickly, peevish, ill-nourished child, entirely cured by an adenoid operation, is a good foundation for insurance a medical reputation.

It is probably more commonly so than the effect simply of leucorrhoeal discharge, which, though it may cause erythema, erosion, and eczema of the progenitalia, would hardly by itself and primarily account for pruritus.

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