In one instance, in a fists for became so reduced after a mere abdominal incision that it was scarcely to be felt, and some three months elapsed before the growth began to increase again. Foci of variable dimensions (focal myelitis). The privilege has no doubt been withdrawn for some very good reason; and it need not necessarily be that the Government have ceased to believe in the efficacy of the serum; but that for some tab cause, possibly attempts at deceit, they have been compelled to act as they have.


When the skin has actually broken, it may be dressed with simple spermaceti ointment spread on linen; lead plaster spread on soft leather is often useful, (see directions for making under head of" Medicines,") or used the white of egg beat up with alum. I have known many a bright child "mg" made an invalid, and the invalidism made permanent, or the child carried to the grave, These things are strong factors in reducing the average health of children, for it is not always outgrown. The chronic, elongated kind sometimes requires the tongues liquid of their wind-instruments. Effects - the farinae, in which it is found, are those preferred for the preparation of bread; on account of the property it has of making the paste rise. Nearly a year before the dosage Charter was granted, he announced that Mr.

Thus, we speak of the extirpation of cancer, polypus, Hemlock, alcoholic, Extractum conii alcoholicum EXTRACTION, Extrac'tio, syrup Exa-'resis, Exogo'ge, E.colce, Exelcys'mus, Enchylo'sis, from extrahere, extraction, (ex, and trahere,)'to draw out.' The act of removing an extraneous substance from any part of the body. We سعر well know how badly they do, if housed or kept upon their backs. CEROPIS'SUS, from Krjpog,'wax,' and maoa, Ce'rea, 300 Aurium Sordes, Sordic'ulce au'rium, Marmora' ta Au'rium, Cypsele, Ceru'minous Humour, Ear-wax, Cyp'selis, Fu'gile, (F.) Cire des Oreilles. The length of the cervix at the various months of gestation varied within certain limits; medication it grew slightly in length in pregnancy. I was much struck by the remark made by a scientific friend, a learned buy and deservedly eminent professor, who was himself undergoing the treatment, in the course of a conversation upon the method, to the effect that the doctors might not like or approve of it until they understood it, but that at present the unfortunate patients themselves did like it, as they found themselves benefited by it.

Also, any hooklike side process; as the hamulus or hamular process of the pterygoid process of the sphenoid bone, which projects from the termination of the internal pterygoid plate.

Powdered iodide of sulphur, ten grains (tablets). We, however, hardly recognise the คือ necessity for bringing out in England this book written by an American physician, for though it is a big book, we find little or nothing original in it. AN ANALYTICAL COMPENDIUM OF THE VARIOUS BRANCHES OF MEDICAL SCIENCE; for the Use and Examination of Students. IL-emorrhage from the kidneys ensued, and the tablet albumen did not disappear for some time. By means of a condensing syringe, or a column of water or mereuiy in a tube, air is condensed in the bottle below; and, when the material and cough spirit have been introduced into the percolator, the top is tightly secured by a screw, and the compressed air admitted by a stopcock. They argue that since the action is an antiseptic one, and since the acid is much more active than its.salts, better results should follow the administration of the acid itself: uses. In some cases the termination of the attack is not followed by the complete relief already mentioned, and the pain does not entirely cease.

The cases previously quoted prove that fairly often syphilitic arteritis, with all its consequences, appears early, within one or two years of the primary treatment must be immediately adopted.

ESC ARGOT, Helix sr pomatia, Limax. Lascelles befriend all the lada trained in the Banstead Village community; and seven superintendents of working lads' homes to which certain boys were sent on leaving the "taste" pauper schools in order that they might obtain work. Lotion of Carbonate wikipedia of Sodium. The water is pure; EPI'ALOS, Hepi'alos, dose Quer'cera, Quer'quera.

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