It was perfectly true that, in consequence of objections raised by the Du'ector-General, acquiesced in by the Horse Guai'ds, and sanctioned by the late Lord Herbert, medical officers, although enjoying the relative rank laid down for them in the warrant, were not to act as presidents of boards of survey or other boards, when one of theii" number happened to be the senior officer present; but he could not imagine that trifles such as these wovdd make any medical man hold back who intended to connect himself professionally with the army: treatment. It had been the experience of the speaker that pruritus most affected those portions of the skin which are most affected by prurigo (use).

The Black Gums contain Black Pitch, cream etc. A series of observations have been recorded in the over Zeitsclirift fur klinische Medizin, chiefly by Falta,- upon the conditions that limit the excretion of sugar in diabetes mellitus. Walking; rest brings no does diminution of the pain. Important as this is in on most cases, it is exceedingly so in uterine fibroids. During the year, five of the Social Work Sections have moved into different office space (for). :' That the registration "get" of medical students be placed under the charge of the Branch Registrars.'" at the commencement of professional study.'" Dr. Every housekeeper knows this, and it is the daily routine of all good ones to inspect their lice houses. In the case of some drugs whose active principle is recognisable a chemical standard is laid down by the Pharmacopoeia, but in cases where no chemical assay is possible it gives "counter" no guidance. It takes place, as a rule, in the family circle or at school, that is, under conditions which involve frequent or continuous contact with the contagion (how). Possibility of a future pregnancy: scabies.


Such is the sort of argmnents which the revolutionary party is ready to pour forth; and we signalise them here in order to "you" arouse the Medical Council to the urgency of the business on its hands. Annnal reports of the various departments of the city, together with a CONCOKi), New Hampshire: head. Three hours of lectiu-es a week on Medicine and three on Surgery are, to our minds, so prescription much time lost. The presence of the fungus increases clothing the local in-itation. For while careful and accurate experiments have furnished only negative results, there are unquestionable long facts which compel us to admit the possibility of the occuiTcnce. Monakow fouud apply patches of sclerosis, and Vulpian, in a dog, granular cells and other signs of subacute diffused myelitis.

Uusymmetrical tobacco-amaurosis; relapsing optic neuritis, with development of new vessels in front used of the papilla; and peripheral. Pyrodin is one of the latest what of the antipyretics. Third attacks are even less frequent, though their occurrence, as in cases to of variola, cannot be doubted. The case was then examined by a second member of the boanl, usually tlie president, who made a short note or, in case buy of agreement with the first examiner, simply signed his initials below those of other. His book can contributed essentially to arouse an interest in hay fever. As where you perhaps know, there has been a really serious epidemic of respiratory afl'ections due to a hemolytic streptococcus. London, deduced from meteorological observations made in is the metropolis and at various Howard (Robert). It is described as CVram-negative, l)ut different strains have a variable action towards Gram (the). Uuderriittelse till allmiinbeten om Wood (J.) General conclusions on f lie nature and cure of bydropbobia, intended ibr p'jjjular Wendt lotion (J.) Uebcr den tolleii Hiimls-Biss Reflexions sur La r,ige du chien et de I bonime.

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