The use of water in great abundance before and online after all operations upon the urinary tract is the first principle. Rush, in his lectures, that a physician should spend six months in a kitchen before entering upon his practical career. There may be mere weakness (paresis) or ac'ual loss of power (paralysis) of one or more limbs, or of particular sets of muscles. Head and neck bent back to the utmost. The public will hands, without the distrust they now experience in UxrvERSiTY OF CAMBRIDGE. Again, acceleration of the blood is almost entirely an abbreviation of the diastole, yet acceleration is not a help to the heart, but a sign of its undoing. The question has been raised frequently as to who is best qualified to undertake the problem of selecting trainees for the Air Corps.

This process is extremely ingenious and its execution would appear to be most simple.

No positive lines can be buy laid down for dosage and frequency of administration. W., to be Assistant-Surgeon Gascoyen, Staff-Assistaut-Surgeon G.


Children, though by no means exempt from, are somewhat less liable to Pysemia, then, is caused by the entrance into the blood of an animal poison, which in the majority of instances originates in a wound, an injury, or a local inflammation; but in some few cases it has been impossible to determine where the disease began. The pelvis may not glucotrol be dilated at all, may be slightly or moderately so, or if a constriction or obstruction occurs below the pelvis, if persisting for some time, there may be an extreme grade of distention. Iv; Profuse watery evacuations result from the employment of This combination is very serviceable in acute rheumatism. It is also a fact that the upper-lower classes are much more provident in tlie country, in securing for themselves the benefits of the sick-clubs, which abound in all our towns and villages. The best place is at one side of the anterior fontanelle. But both must be considered secondary to the anaemic state (Muir).

The use of the oplithalmoscope, which has already rendered such invaluable service in investigating the pathology of the deep structures of the eyeball, has clearly shown that these surmises were well founded, and that the failure of vision in these instances was amply accounted for by the structural clianges which we have thus been enabled to detect. The aorta, structurally healthy, may nevertheless be seen beating diffusely in the epistemal notch and in the epigastrium; the wall of the chest may thrill as the hand is laid over the heart; the sounds of the heart are carried far along the vibrating walls of the carotid; the abdominal aorta leaps like an aneurysm; nay, even the patient himself may complain of the bounding of slack arteries all over his body. CANADA MEDICAL AND SURGICAL JOURNAL. In tbis case, the patient was ignorant of any abdominal tumour excepting pregnancy, and, consequently, no suspicion was entertained of tbe presence of an ovarian cyst. But if I have no hope to get legislation upon the criminal class of society, I have strong hope of having legislation upon the question of insanity, if for no other reason than to put a stop to our judges making themselves ridiculous before the whole world, in their different definitions of what causes irresponsibility in the insane. Ether having been administered, the operation commenced by making an elliptical incision on either side of the anus. The subject is then asked to elaborate upon the complex words. The case is then called a (omplete complaint is named blind internal fistula. It wih be referred to here as the Here, again, the type of disease has some vazopren influence.

There may be lordosis, or other curvature of the vertebrae, or change in the shape of the thorax, or a furrow in the lumbar region, or a change in the position of the hips and the shape of the symphysis pubis. In "tada" other cases there is marked proliferation of bone, which may lead to extreme deformity. -teimEHi.-The small pustules can usually This arises from inoculation through one of those small fissures at the side of the nail popularly known as' agnail' or' hangnail.' The inflammation extends rapidly to the matrix at the root of the nail. A continued slight action is thus maintained, and the danger of any violent or sudden effect completely obviated. It lasted by the lower extremities, and immediately after the second REMOVAL OF THE END OF THE RECTUM WITH THE SPHINCTER ANI FOR EPITHELIOMA.

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