It now devolves upon the medical profession of the United States to make this, the seventh, the most successful in the series.


Children in Gernnny has recently been published. The local regulations in regard to such matters in Chicago, says the" Sanitary News," are excellent, but, as they have been in effect only a year, it is yet too early to notice the great benefit which must NEW YORK MEDICAL AND SURGICAL SOCIETY. Their labors resulted in nothing as respects the character of those for whom it should be designed, its location, or any change of statutory system. Moreover in comparison with the map of the preceding year there is a distinct lessening of cases which suggest local etiology, epidemic in the newly annexed parts of the city, such as Collinwood and Nottingham, lasting from July to October, which is much less conspicuous this year probably on account of the efforts of the Bureau of Sanitation. It does not by any means follow that those who defend existing institutions are more really the friends of such institutions than those who criticise or oppose them. The writer thinks that the considerable pressure and changes, of pressure (atmospheric) to which divers pills are subject in some way bring about hjemorrhages into the spinal cord, as a result of which inflammatory and sec'jndaiy softening occur. In other cases the incontinence is caused by a paralysis of the sphincter, and. During zenegra half an hour I managed to move it about a quarter of an inch, but beyond this it baffled all my exertions to stir it. Swift, to the thoughtful mind displays Immortal skill ten thousand ways: And, to complete his glorious task, Gives what we had not sense to ask.

The third and last injury we have to mention as arising from this exclusive system of diet, is that inflicted upon a very large and important class of our fellow citizens who supply our markets with those excluded articles, and depend in a great measure on their sale as a means of livelihood for themselves and families. Insert will probably give the patiei' better insight into why he is being treated the way he is, and it may give the physician a little bit more time. Do periodic hematologic studies in cirrhotics with splenomegaly. In my opinion, this plan will do more to prevent the development or growth of tubercle than any or all the medicines But you will not, I hope, misunderstand me, or think for one moment that I undervalue medicines when judiciously used, but I wish, now at the close of our winter session, and after the careful consideration we have given this subject, that you should have correct notions as to the treatment "order" of this terrible disease.

Experiments on a huge scale have been going on in South Africa for many years in regard to the spread of nagana or the tsetse fly disease; it is only where the tsetse fly, Glossina morsitans, or one of its allied species, Glossina palipides. All this the hone?t, straightforward Surgeon-General of Marines did not deem of any interest to the general public, altho:igh he could weep over tlie pennies lost in the besniirchment of printer's ink. Prussia employed sixty thousand of her best troops to enforce her rigorous restrictions, and travellers beai testimony to their severity: dutasteride. It seems, therefore, to be susceptible of demonstration that the upward direction and motion of plants and trees is caused by an attraction between the solar fluid and their leaves, flowers and stems. Ruppolt believes that the phenazopyridine torsion of the Fallopian tube occurred in fojtal life, owing to peritonitis. The patient was seen with Doctor Painter.

During his many years in Menominee, Doctor Jones has done much to foster and encourage postgraduate education and participation in local, state, and national practice have made him an inspiration to his colleagues. In some of the experiments, the tadpoles died after the formation of a number of large abdominal vesicles, similar to those reported by the speaker.

The hgature acts as an unirritating re-enforcement that prevents the rupture of this new tissue during the yielding period of its history, and itself finally ia disintegrated and is removed in the ordinary tissue changes of the part.

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