There are atrophic forms of the enhancer disease, which Hallopeau considers simply an exaggeration of the form in which the skin is like crgpe paper. The curs from the internal jugular vein, and the endi the deep Btructu the head.

The walls of the abscess may be made up by the intestines alone.

In aortic disease the left ventricle furnishes the compensating power. Most cases of pyloric and duodenal obstruction are clinically curable. Hence they conclude that ammonia, in sufficient concentration to cause severe inflammation and suppuration, furnishes in the subcutaneous tissues a suitable material for the growth of bacteria. The deduction from these facts was that as far as the bones and capsule were concerned the shoulder would tend to dislocate easily in almost any direction, and that the normal relations of the joint were maintained entirely by the balanced action of the muscles surrounding it. The total admissions against the total number of patienls under cent. He is said to have become Napoleon's regular medical adviser partly because he practiced percussion, which struck the Emperor as a method of diagnosis of a careful and painstaking man. When questioned in regard to their absence, they replied that they had been drinking fountain water, and felt so much better that they did not need medicine. Also, it frees the neck of the bone from the constricting and retaining force exercised on it by the heads of the biceps and coraco-brachialis in the downward and forward displacements. Five or six cauterizations with the chromic acid suffice to obtain a notable improvement. It has been order contended that it is unsurgical, that it is brutal, that it is blind, and that it is unsafe. Onethird of the male cases might fairly be considered cured, the result not being quite so favorable in the case of females.

Although both produce a hyperaemia, one is the result of reaction and is tonic, while the other is zrect the result of relaxation and is atonic.

Justin, St Thomas, to Faunie D., fourth daughter of the late Albert Sawin, Esq., tf anabiait Mmxml of MtAd, Stmt A MONTHLY JOURNAL OF BRITISH AND FOREIGN MEDICAL SCIENCE, CRITICISM, AND NEWS. In iridectomy for tJierapeutic ends, as in away up to the ciliary border, often a large piece, one-sixth to one-fourth being excised: in that for artificial pupil, which is for optical purposes merely, as in this case, the aim is to remove as little of its tissue as will give the best visual result. On the other hand, if more than the correct amount of calcium salt is present in the solution, the beats will soon be found to become smaller and smaller in amplitude, because relaxation does not properly occur between them, and ultimately they will cease altogether with the ventricle in a condition ctreme contraction, called calcium I serum from which the calcium has been removed Idition sn.liuiii oxalate which precipitates il i adding a Blight calcium chloride heart of the turtle will beat for a long time when perfused with a solution containing only sodium and calcium The explanation as long as the heat unuM continue under lircumstances In any that is, it becomes mely relaxed tho amounl is further increased, will verj soon come to a standstill h The st riking antagonism displayed by these inorganii sponaible for the rhythmic activity of the heart dependa on son ibstani t' the heart. Her monthly periods were always free and generally painful.

Some patients male suffer from nausea and vomiting, severe headache, and mental depi'ession.

When the contents consist of intestine alone the hernia is called an "online" enterocele; when of omentum alone an epiplocele; when of both, an enteroepiplocele. Jr., large sponges mentioned by Pichevin; infectious metritis follows from septic objects; lesions of neighboring pingo-ovaritis, and disorders decadron of menstruation, amenorrhea and menorrhagia. Though this remedy had no specific influence on the tubercular process, relief and, under favorable conditions, also recovery was obtained in several cases, and at any case this was an excellent remedy in all catarrhal affections of the upper air passages.


Several of my medical metoclopramide associates.

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