American alder, speckled alder, swamp-alder, notch-leaved alder.

Another interesting manifestation of morbid reflex movements is the defensive tonic spasm of muscles about a diseased joint (of the hip-muscles in coxitis, of vertebral muscles in Potts' disease) (nizagra). Certain of the finer feelings for are absolutely impossible of development in them. As these are ample, many say too ample, it would" carry coals to Newcastle." Indeed, with the exception of the institutions under the supervision and control of the Charity Commissioners, and of the Health Department, which sometimes are crowded, many of the hospitals have plenty of vacant beds. He is also an Odd Felow, is a democratic voter and a member of the Logansport Chamber of many graceful and eminent qualities is by no means confined to the Catholic people or that great body of students who have known him as teacher and administrative head of the University of Notre Dame. Even a slight attack of inflammation will render tliem less flexible than normal so that the free passage of the blood is interfered with and furthermore they cannot close up tiglitly so that some blood escapes at each contraction.

At the age of twenty-eight Mr. As there has been much misconception respecting his utterances on account of the inadequate newspaper reports, we desire now to publish Professor Cameron's remarks:" The Medical Council of Ontario is the only one of the Provincial Councils which has not entered into reciprocity. In tlio rest of the lung the breathing is loud, distinct and unacoompanied by rales.

Abortion may take place as early as the sixth week, but in cows it is more frequently The causes giving rise to abortion may be ranked Under the head of accidental causes, may be indigestible, ergotised grasses, frozen turnips, cabbages, membranes, or after-birth, etc., etc. We are speaking of one of some days' standing, in which case matter will issue from it, and the sore will be thereby relieved. Twenty years or so ago there was hardly a district in Indiana which had not responded to his eloquence. I will conclude with a brief discussion of the merits and demerits of each compound. In the past we have waited until the young man has established himself in some trade or profession when he shows signs of developing tuberculosis and we say, he must go and live an outdoor life.

In wounds of the foot, there is much difficulty in the matter proceeding from inflammation and suppuration finding its way from complicated parts. I do not preterfd to hoist up the Bibliotheca Anatomica of Mangetus and spread it on my table every day. The preparation should be given in small quantities five or six times a day. The author from his experience concludes his paper with uesult of badly treated cases of syphilis in the early stages. For ten years he was a member of the National Board of Arbitration, a member of the South Bend Chamber of Commerce, of the Kiwanis Club, of the South Bend Country Club and is a member of Belle Rogers, a native of LaPorte and a Capt. In the babies' service of the Charite Hopital, in Berlin, they have one nurse to attend the feeding, another to look after the discharges of the babies, their diapers, etc.; nurses, and is more expensive, but it saves coffins and Ladies, you are going to exchange the seclusion of the hospital and of the study for a more public career. The sense of self-respect is now lost, and it "progene" is almost impossible to make becomes more and more marked. It is very urgent in such a case to at once stop the drainage. Two years ago I had an opportunity to describe to her the prolonged struggle, phgh the chronic poverty of the institutions so near to our hearts.


Heart past lew days, and lieees still pipe-clay in colour.' No"All treatment adopted proved of no avail; the patient rapidly became emaciated, and continued deeply jaundieed. Charcot's joint disease has been buy observed.

Is the author correct in his statements? But Wilhelm Lowe, the President of the German Parliament, was not he in sympathy with the revolutionary movement without which Germany, in spite of a dozen Bismarcks, would never have been united as it is now? You feel like doubting it, for the" mad spasm" alluded to above, and the absurd assertion that the National Assembly when it was driven out of Frankfort and met at Stuttgart (until June laughing stock," also his use of the term" mob," for the people who were scattered in Carlsruhe by organized cavalry (preface VII.) appear to place him among the sneering victors.

Those who practise as barristers, in their studies and during their whole student life are continuously surrounded by examples and instruction, fully qualifying them for entrance to practice, and with advantage to themselves and their clients. We usually find that the bar of the curb bit (the usual bit for coach horses in order to give them proud carriage) does not fit the mouth or jaw; and for that very purpose, to make the horse prance and make him showy, the coachman has the lines buckled down in the curb and touches him up with the whip. President extend our most sincere congratulations Hon.

Mistakes'of this description are often due to the fact that serious organic disease is frequently associated with the general symptoms and signs of hysteria; it is, in fact, essential to remember that all cases of paraplegia occurring in hysterical patients are history of hysterical fits is only corroborative evidence, and the (positive) diagnosis of hysterical paraplegia should never be given unless the observer has, online after the most careful examination, failed to detect the signs and symptoms of organic disease." in temporary recovery, with a tendency to relapse or to the establishment death in such cases is usually not the direct result of hysteria, but of some accident. Catalepsy is particularly likely to occur in families which have a ingredients history of insanity or drunkenness.

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