The porcelain manufacturer spittoon, with its rough or cracked edges, was a potent means of the dissemination of this form of the disease, among those whose duty it was to clean the spittoons. Be the proximate cause of scrofula, however, what it may, as the remote cause is of a debilitatincf kind, we can readily see what are iikely to prove occasional and co-operative causes, or those calculated to call the remote cause into answers a state of activity. The rishi sBa-mi-sba turned the wheel of fire and burned all the heretics there while Yid-hphrog-ma and the king remained unharmed.

He spoke of the inefficiency, or rather insufficiency, of the legislation adopted something like and ten years ago, in two very important points, and many minor ones. Magendie details an extraordinary case, in which the power of the will over the muscular motions was at intervals entirely lost; but instead of the muscles being paralyzed, or remaining at rest, they were seized with the most irregular and indescribablemovements for hours together. L'ennemi etait commun, precisement la France qui avail pied dans la baie d'Adulis, k Tadjourah, et continuait sous la presidence de M. Symptoms subsided in half an hour, leaving medscape patient so weak that operation was deferred. It is pretty well agreed that the first sound (represented by the word" lubb"') is synchronous with the systole of the organ, and is owing to one or all dosage of three causes, viz: the contraction of the muscular ventricals, the sudden closure of the auriculo-ventricular valves which prevents the blood from regurgitating into either auricle, and the impulsion of the heart against the walls of the chest. That, instead of the two ureters maintaining their relative positions, they cross one another in making their online ascent. It was impossible to tell at the beginning of the disease whether the case would be a bad one r not (potassium). The preternatural retention midamorphine of faeces, B.


The ancients attempted to expedite this by various means; some of which were puerile, but others certainly calculated by their power to do either much good or a great deal of misclaief; particularly the destruction of the integuments by the potential cautery, and afterward an application of the actual cautery to the dead bone itself Celsus gives a detailed account of this operation, which, when the caries was deep, was accompanied with numerous perforations into the bone, into each of which the hot iron was passed would destroy the bone if it were not already destroyed, and which are calculated to extend the destructive process in it farther than would otherwise be the case, modern practitioners are generally content either with simple unimtating apphcations, and awaiting the completion of ex as being more modern, and comprising the most foliation; or, where this is too tedious and hopeless, they sometimes cut down the diseased portion of bone, and remove it by manual operation. It is worthy of remark, that, The principal points to be noted in the above case are the following: oedema of the lower extremities, in the last month of a fourth pregnancy, without iilbuminuria; speedy abatement of the oedema by means of the horizontal posture, bandaging, and the use of diuretics; a natural labour, without any untoward event, for the four following days; headache and vomiting, as premonitory symptoms of the so-called ursemic eclampsia; no carbonate of ammonia in the freshly-drawn blood, and no abnormal amount of urea; a little sugar in the blood, the result, probably, of the sudden compression of the liver; the presence of albumen in the urine after the first attack of convulsions, its speedy diminution and disappearance in the cessation of the paroxysms; finally, the decidedly good effects of a powerfully antiphlogistic treatment. I mention the house of Vogt, a rich merchant, in which dipththeria amiloride kept confusion for months, and where I made the observation that every eight days a new candidate for a mopping was brought to me. Pour la mortalite, il nous manque de faire assez appel a la science avant de commencer une entreprise: on ne connait pas et Ton ne prevoit pas, d'ou les mecomptes, communs d'ailleurs a toutes les metropoles. Its clinical problem has been solved on lines that create a precedent worthy buy to be generally followed. De internorum externoruraque ferme Recherches anatomiques, pathologi'ques et side thera. Their delicacy, which is pronunciation in only by fits and ftarts in this diibrder, it does harm. The medical department of Drake University and the homeopathic department of the state university are well inteationed but feeble effects institutions that only a large outlay could convert into acceptaUe and efficient schools.

If there is an inherited specific immunity it is in contradiction to the ideas yahoo of past years. It is the same with the pathetic faculties. Who had been taken ill after a dose of"hygeia salts." Three other people had suffered from sickness after a dose (midamortho). The opportunities are nevertheless adequate for uses good routine undergraduate teaching. They took it in turns with the medical school at IChags-po-ri to go once a year to Brag-yer-pa, the place where, in the past, the great pandita In order to go and gather plants at Brag-yer-pa they left Lhasa about the first of July.

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