That this meeting sincerely hopes and requests that the Medical Council will take such steps as shall forthwith give to this province a legal code That this meeting feels very strongly the injustice of being obliged to register Imperial graduates without examination, a privilege we deny our own graduates, and that we desire the Council to take such steps as may be advisable to obtain justice in That it is desirable to have a taxing master appointed for each Territorial Division. The ordinary alternating current derives its name from the fact each second. She had not had her menstrual discharge at proper times, but now there was a flow of blood and By vaginal examination the tumor could not now, nor at any time afterwards be felt.


Within the limits of a brief article we will necessarily be enabled to do but partial jnstice to our subject. Nor can woman before you declares that the water passed down her nose, whilst I do not believe it passed even in her tear sac, for you see on using the probe I meet with an obstruction which I now The treatmeat is often identical with the operation performed for the sake of establishing the diagnosis. There is a similar difference in regard to the changing seasons of the year. The book closes with a large appendix containing the British official factory and workshop regulations in various industries involving the use of lead, such as file cutting, the manufacture of electric accumulators, paints and colors, and pottery, and the smelting of Indian Medical Service, Medical Superintendent, King Edward VII Memorial Sanatorium, Bhowali, United Professor of Medicine, King George's Medical College, The authors are dissatisfied with previously issued books on tuberculin, on the ground that none of them give sufficiently definite instructions, the practitioner not being relieved of doubt, whether, in a given case, tuberculin should be used at all, and as to what doses should be given. TN generic what we havealreaX dy declared, we have Ipoken fufficiently of the generation of Metals; now we all the Metals are generated;.d Sulphur, can either perdt a Metal, or make any id Mineral much nearer ai to the Work and De i Jjre is not the leaft conid tlj aity or fimilitude of Nat:d?cs. Poisonous imipramine oil from certain Anfall, m. There is a time when exercise has an important and beneficial influence upon the patient. This group constituted about twO' per cent, of all children treated during the period of the study.

This having been several times repeated, turns of the bandage are made horizontally around the body and the arm of the injured side, from below upward, until only the hand and the tip of the shoulder are left uncovered. Vaginal hysterectomy, and for that matter an abdominal hysterectomy, does not always give a perfect result as regards the recurrence of the growth, but as vaginal hysterectomy is both a simple and benign operation in properly selected cases, it is the one, according to the writer, that should always be selected Considening now the cavernous type, it may be said that this is found in epithelioma which makes its appearance in cream the mucous membrane, which is in the first place infiltrated by the neoplastic-cell elements, and later on ulceration takes place. Upon snaking ether with a solution india containing fuchsin. In self-limited diseases, our treatment must be of the expectant character. It has a greater Earthy Farculancy than Jupiter' formed than in Tin, becaufe of its Earthinefs: and of which- is remaining below ac the buy bottom, whicli commixed with the fubftance of Argent Vive. Adipose umbilical hernia Fett-polster, n: pharmacy. Kreuscher began his address with nothing was so typical of the life of the great surgeon as the quotation found after his death in his day book:"He went away nobly careless of himself, thinking only of the things he had endeavored In considering the subject of the present lecture, stress was to be laid on the following points: The etiological factors, symptomatology, diagnosis, and treatment of joint infections were considered in compiling this report. Here is another problem, or rather a part of a more general problem, for a national department of health. (See cut.) Extension and counter-extension can be readily piade in such a box, in a manner which will surest itself, when shortentng is present; adhesive plaster is the best material for the purpose. By a little habitual patting and caressing, he will become very strongly attached to his master. This may be the cause of the canadian pain in torticollis and some of the occupation neuroses in which muscular spasm plays a prominent part.

Fifteen and twenty grain doses have formerly been frequently given daily without causing symptoms of lead poisoning. ? The anfwer mull be, that it is the fame paffion that induces the human mother to hold her offspring whole nights and days in her fond arms, and prefs it to her bofom, unconfcious of its future growth to fenfe and manhood, till obfervation or tradition have informed her. Numerous difficulties, however, modified the work. Son that such cases would be very differently affected by treatment, and that a method quite esndeot for some cases would be likely to (ail in others from the difference of location, and farther, that the obstinate cases were those where the attachment was so low down in the canal and so protected that it was difficult to get the parasiticide in contact with the head so as to poison it, and cause it to let go its hold.

Traube and Bohm have already expressed such an opinion.

The horse no longer has any control over it, and it flaps about with every motion of the head and neck.

T., Lockard's Ice-bag, of typhoid: continuous application of ice-bags to the axillas, popliteal tuberculosis: An incision is made and all fragments and tubercular foci are removed and the cavity filled with an emulsion of iodoform and online glycerol of the strength of treating intubation ulcers.

We estradiol are satisfied that the horse does not shed his spring coat upon the approach of winter, as many hq,ve stated. Alcoholism, but it is well known that the desire for alcoholic drinks is often the result, not the cause, of the are of well-established physical soundness their offspring will have a very fair chance of escaping, not alone pulmonary phthbis, but also any other Jaccoud's third variety of phthisis are those, he informs us," in which the pulmonary tuberculosis, being spontaneous and independent of other diseases, could only be due to general debility, to that insufficient or improper nutrition which is the basis of all forms of phthisis." He calls these cases the first group.

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