Numerous statistics have been prepared as to the frequency of abortions caused by syphilis, and all show with terrible eloquence that this disease is a potent cause of abortion and premature labor. It is well 100 to proceed from without inward. We are glad to see that Dr, Thomas does not favour the use of nitrate of silver, as it is not This is quite true, but he might have gone a step further and reprobated its use on the ground of its favoring obliteration of the cervical canal; a result that is not unfrequently obtained by means of this agent. The formula of the paste that Sooy is using is and heiUd to just above body temperature at which point it becomes fluid and has a viscosity not unlike that of ordinary paint. All reinittancos by Post Oflice Orders must be made paj-ablc to.Advertisements s'nonld bo delivered, addressed to the Manager, in'ccediug piihlication. The sinus above was thus cleaned of clot well back until a free flow of blood occurred and this end packed. What was the conclusion of the whole matter? It was undeniably established that Dr. One of the most fortunate of the endowments of humankind is its enormous capacity for forgetting. By both of these classes of medical men, Dr. In the very onset, to be just to the principles that in practice have stood the test of time, indiscriminate cutting of sites strictures must be worked out by Oberlaender and his followers, principally Eollmann manner of treating the vast majority of strictures. We are encouraged to recur to this subject by the remarkable speech delivered by the Chief of the Imperial moderate statement, and produced a very great impression upon all who heard it. May, Chief of Clinic in Ophthalmology, College of Physicians and Surgeons, Medical Department, Columbia University, Xew York. The proposal to form a Ministry of Health, if we may judge by the extraordinary number of approving articles in the press, seems to have captivated the public imagination. The casts are chiefly hyaline, seldom showing any marks of fatty change. The tuberculides may, however, be so typical as to make the diagnosis certain at a single glance. Irving rose to substantiate in a practical cenforce way the authorities and citations given. This infant mortality movement can be viewed ia two ways: First, as a jvart of the general and natural desire to save human life, which has always been deemed a moral obligation. The respiratory movements finally became regular and rhythmic and before the dog was placed in the kennel the movements of the right side were almost lost, while those of the left side were very much exaggerated, and there was a distinct bulging and a visible increase in thj size of the left half of the thoracic cavity. We will keep this youth in very truth, its faith and its joy undimmed, Till humanity's song is swelled, prolonged, the noblest music hymned. Harmon, adjutant, and Captain Charles Bund, quartermaster. Internet - moreover, in the experience of several operators when the use of antitoxin and intubation were half as great as when intubation alone was done.

The distribution of the subcutaneous oedema in the dependent parts of the body in cardiac dropsy is due to the upright position of the patient, so that the venous engorgement of the liver and veins of the central parts of the trunk is relieved by gravity at the expense of the legs. We are not growing mechanically, intellectually, socially or spiritually as we should. He changes his whole dialect and fills his pages with a jangle of harsh technical terms, not one-third of uk which is necessary to express his meaning. The other men face to the right, close by the shortest line and face to the front: to. This is very buy often the poison of lues, which, in common with other secondary effects, produces every possible variety of cutaneous disease.

Andrews had seen very many patients who came to the London Hospital to seek advice for ailments, some gynaecological, and somo having no connexion with gynaecology, after subtotal hysterectomy for fibroids, but had never seen carcinoma of that the cervix should bo removed because it might at the time be tbe seat of nncliscovered cancer, or alternatiTely isease, died of recurrence, and it could not be doubted hat an extended hysterectomy (.Wertheini) wonld have -iionid advocate Werthoim's operation instead of paulivsterectomy. Bacteriological evidence, when forthcoming, is valuable as a confirmation, but it is on the one hand part only of the pleura, aud ou the other, may cause considerable delay. Does it indicate severe cardiac disease; is it a handicap in itself to good cardiac function? If so, is there anything we can do to correct it? Now, in order to consider an irregularity in an orderly way, we are bound to keep before us a picture of regular heart action.

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