Professor Dick describes it as sprain of the psoas muscles. (Chvostek thinks this may have been an aneurism.) BOSTON MEDICAL AND SURGICAL JOURNAL. He had refused to have his leg amputated when it was suggested to him by the surgeon in attendance, which ought to have been done. It happens, zhewitra however, that the same mail brings us a note in the Revue Medicale, the substance of which is as follows: We did not intend to return to the anaesthetic apparatus of Paul Bert, for we have said sufficient to edify our readers on the subject, but we cannot allow them to be ignorant of the fact that two of our most distinguished surgeons, Messrs. Must I then defend Galvani in the eyes of posterity for one of the most beautiful sentiments that can spring from the nature of man? extra No, and they are but little initiated in the saner mechanism of philosophy who refused to recognize the truths established on evidence so strong and so authentic.

THROUGH FORCED REARING CERTAIN ULTRASTRUCTURAL ASPECTS OF THE PROCESS OF SECRETION IN ARE USED BY ANTS IN ATTACK ANO DEFENSE AND AS CHEMICAL THE EFFECT OF ANTAGONISTS OF RN A AND PROTEIN BIOSYNTHESIS ON I A A OBSERVATIONS ON THE BIOLOGY AND OVIPOSITIONAL HABITS OF ALEUROCYBOTUS OCCIDUUS (HOMOPTERA, ALEYRODIDAE) ATTACKING RHINOSPORIDIUM SEEBERI, ITS CULTIVATION AND IDENTITY THE COMPARATIVE MORPHOLOGY AND MUSCULATURE OF THE MALE GENITAL SOIL AND SEED TREATMENT WITH THIMET AND DI-SYSTON TO CONTROL PLANT-PROTECTION TASKS FOR BEAN PLANTING SEED PRODUCTION RELATIVE SUSCEPTIBILITY OF SELECTED COVER CROPS AND COASTAL A STUDY ON THE HERITABILITY OF THANATOSIS ANO THE INSECTICIDE SELECTION FOR EXPLORATORY ACTIVITY AND ITS EFFECTS ON OTHER THE PHYLOGENETIC DEVELOPMENT OF FOOD SELECTION IN ORTHOPTERA THE ROLE OF REJECTIVE STIMULI IN THE HOST SELECTION OF SOME BEHAVIOURAL SELECTION roche EXPERIMENTS WITH DROSOPHILA MODIFICATION OF SEED PHOTOSENSITIVITY BY IONIZING RADIATION. The author has done his work very thoroughly, and has produced a volume of which he may be justly proud. On account of the sensitiveness of her stomach quiuine was not given through the day. This is a slow way to remove the While the fluid is flowing, I leyzene shall talk a little about this subject of tapping, because it is an operation which you will have to perform. I would in all other cases, such as neoplasm of kidney, hydronephrosis, pyonephrosis, and floating kidney, operate by abdominal section, making the incision along the outer border of the rectus abdominis instead oif in the median line." Mr. What is the too frequent fatal gift of science? A prognosis of despair. Morphia was given to quiet riche restlessness, and magnesia sulph. There is an intense congestion of the mucous membrane of the stomach and bowels, which is sometimes of a uniform dark red colour, swollen, covered with superficial haemorrhagic and diphtheritic patches; sometimes it has a marbled appearance. Given in a large hydreane quantity of warm gruel. He has put the results easily, had the knowledge of the possibilities been properly brought l:)efore medical practitioners and the public (pump). La - when, however, the bowel had been opened by operation its distension was at once relieved, and it then became possible for the feces to pass on towards the anus. She was totally tablets senseless and could not swallow. Inhalation, or the dermo-pulmonary method floor is inferior to the hypodermic, and not likely to ever become popular. This would be due to the lung disease sheep affected when the diet was changed, i.e., when removed to of which only a few Strongyli filarim were found. Opiates are more admissible in this fever than in any other, and, as it is of the utmost consequence to procure rest, they should, with this view, be employed every evening, where there is no great delirium.


By the end of that time he had power to hang on the rope and attain WEEKS' PRELIMINARY TREATMENT ON NAUTICAL that position as noted super above. The period of fascination is characterized by a sudden increase in the frequency of the pulse. The Kentucky State Medical Society will Jmeet Chicago's death rate, for the week ending May The College of Physicians and Surgeons of New It is advised to mix creosote with two-thirds its weight of collodion as being a much better form The French Association for the Advancement of Sciences will hold its thirteenth annual session The Paris Society of Anthropology has been authorized to erect a monument to Paul Broca in front of the School of Medicine. Wound, and accompanied with much tenacious mucus; it is passed rather oftener than it should be, and is accompanied with posay pain in the Ime of the urethra, at least of that portion which has been divided.

She tore her heart from her bosom, and took it home, ordering it to be hashed and served up to her husband for After he had eaten of it, she asked him if it were good? and, on his answering yes, she said, she was not in the least surprised, for it was the heart of his mistress, whom he so dearly loved.

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