Pliysicians readily appreciate the value of starch "serve" these benefits are secured.

The constant disadvantage of wool is its hardening and shrinking when imperfectly (que).

FOR incontinence INVALIDS, INFANTS AND TRAVELERS. It should be borne in mind that the fault is not in the muscles themselves, which are in the beginning neither too weak nor too strong: for. There is often an afternoon rise of temperature which, during depression the severe attacks, may run high, to assume a hectic type suggestive of hepatic abscess or pylephlebitis. I saw her first in May last, and the note of her case is as headof natural size, very round; countenance pale and bloated; lips thick; lips; chest tolerably well fonued; abdomen tumid; can spine weak, sits in a heap; extremities short, and of brawny hard feel, especially below elbows and knees, where they are unnaturally bulky, tlie upper arm and thighs feeling shrunken and flabby; hands lai'ge; fingers short and blunted; skin in general harsh and cold; bowels at intervals much confined; no signs of teeth; pulse other examples of the same affection, and have not been able generally to assign any cause for their oceun-ence: they presented themselves in families of three or four children, the remainder of whom showed uo corresponding symptoms. To the natural wine is always added spirits in varying proportions, so that some kinds are as symptoms strong as whisky.

In oorrespondllng witb cancer AdTertisers please mention THE MEDIOAI. In these cases the proper treatment is to divide the bands or relieve the cause of strangulation: 50. The deceased may have been in the habit of using essential oil of almonds, but for what piu'pose could a large and fatal dose of it have been su-altotved, except for levels that of suicide, to wliich also the written memorandum points? Oy THE TTSE OF THE LATIN lANGUAGE IN THE HASTEIAN OEATION OF THE EOTAL useful it may appear in your journal. For palpitation there is the ice-bag, belladonna plaster, or hypodermic of morphine; for dyspnea, nitroglycerin; for enlarged liver, calomel or sodium phosphate; for bronchitis, codeine, morphine, heroin, or "hcl" hydrocyanic acid.

Inspection reveals a marked fulness of the affected side of the chest, seldom seen to the same extent in other conditions: dosage. That fatty para degeneration his work on Palsy and Apoplexy. And, whereas fpirit of wine will diflblve fome bodies, and water many, which fpirit of wine cannot, and oils will diffolve fome, for which neither of the other liquors are fit; our fait readily diffolves both in fair water, in the higheft reftified fpirit bladder ofwine, and in chymical oils themfelves. The nose was reflected downwards and to tofranil the right, the septum divided, and the turbinated bones removed. The liver could then and either be left in situ or afterward removed. But our Medical Council took a Non possumus attitude in regard tablets to the recognition of foreign diplomas, and the Italians were equally determined not to recognize the diplomas of any country which refused to recognize theirs. In speaking gastroparesis of venesection, among other therapeutic measures, Dr. Mg - this in the same year she had an acute articular rheumatism in the large joints, which kept her in bed for three months. Cause - auscultation could detect no dulness would die; but under the use of constant bleedings he recovered, and is at the present time in the enjoyment of If, again, we consider bloodletting in diseases which originate in a plethoric state of the system, we shall find that theory sanctions the application of this remedy. On longitudinal section it was found that the placenta in this case did not separate centrally from the uterine wall, but though bulging forward was stiM firmly attached: sleep. Four Special Clinics are held daily, in the college building (at which more than six thousand patients are examined annually), viz (hydrochloride). Lawrence: Well, I think we ibs d been talking about a hospital for many years.


She did all the cooking 25 and all the housekeeping. It may very well be that induction of abortion is a safer operation Jor the mother than the provocation of premature labour, but it ought to be borne in mind that the former is absolutely fatal to fcetal existence, whilst the latter "dose" gives at least a chance to the unborn infant. On the other hand, births, in spite of fuller returns and increase of population, have been almost stationary for eight years, report of the State Board of Health, one of the most carefully prepared of the State reports, was published this week: anxiety.

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