The conditions under which this epizootic appeared prevented any medicinal treatment (furosemide). As the anatomical details, however, have been all substantiated by my own observations, except where otherwise stated, I am enabled to speak with more confidence of their correctness. Caille gives a definite cause, which differs from others, among them Dr. (See articles Annelida, Crustacea, Arachnida, Insecta.) The antenna upon the head, which are invariably two in number, correspond in all essential circumstances with those met with in Insects, and doubtless perform the same functions. He" went to Bath tendency to deposit lithic acid crystals, the treatment will of course be guided by this indication: and if acid dyspepsia is present, it will be necessary to use remedies at once antacid and tonic. On the other hand, it may be dark, dense, and tougher than natural. Wa hava apant aavaral hundrad thousand dellara In this hava alao huilt a liaiaon with tha eoanareial radiopharaaeautieal vahard aanufaeturara in ordar to undaratand thair naada and ba auppertiva, rathar than ooapatitiva. In speaking of Sir James Simpson's galvanic stem pessary, the author argues that it does not possess any galvanic properties which, as such, act on the uterus, but that the good effects often seen are due to the fact that"when the two metals (copper and zinc) of which the instrument is composed are in metallic contact, and surrounded by a fluid containing saline matter in solution, a certain amount of electrical action goes on, and that when the stem is introduced into the cervical canal, the salts contained in the uterine secretions are decomposed, and corresponding salts and oxides of zinc and copper are formed, which act on the mucous membrane lining the The two lectures on menorrhagia are particularly good, and the treatment is given in a clear and decided way. Feldene - the bowels should be acted on freely by castor oil; and afterwards, no medicine has appeared to me to afford so much rehef to pain, or so effectually to excite the kidneys to action, as the castor oil mixture which I have already mentioned to you several times, ia combination with small doses of liquor potassse, laudanum, and nitrous ether. These divisions immediately enter the substance of their correspondent lungs, and therein ramify in all directions, like the minutest threads, the branches regulating their course and division by the ramification of the bronchial The heart is liable to disease, as it is sympathetically afifected bj almost male all the coraplamts incidental to the animal frame, no matter how distant that malady may be from it. The impulse and sounds of the heart are weakened.

Professor Penny's analysis is as follows: Fehling's solution, trace only.

In the substance or parenchyma of the different organs no lymphatic glands have been detected.

Tablets - the blame of so vague a direction is sure to fall upon the apothecary; and hence the physician is bound, in common justice, to write in English the exact words which are to be prescriber would thus be better fulfilled, and the apothecary relieved from a most embarrassing responsibility. A distinction is required between the contractile force and the contraction resulting from its exercise.

Before finishing their corn, two or three quarts more may be offered them. It is bounded by the false ribs, and in front by the diaphragm; its posterior compartment is bounded by the pelvis, and above by the dorsal and lumber vertebrae and muscles The abdominal viscera of the horse differ from those of man chiefly in the shape and comparative size of the stomach, and the intestine called the colon; their general relative situation is much the same in both.


The museum of natural history has a fine collection, and is well worth a visit, and must prove a great educator. The horse being destitute of a gall-bladder, the enhancement bile flows immediately as it is formed.

In the evening, he had a little pain and uneasiness in the belly, along with" wind." This was relieved by fomentation, and a dose a dose of castor oil the bowels were opened for the first time wound looked healthy, but had a good deal of mucus at the to-day he passed urine by the urethra, and was allowed to lie restless night, a little chilly at one time, and sweating at smai't hamiorrhage came on, and he became blanched and faint, and had a slight rigor. So far as I know, no one suspects any other such emanation; hence I would say, with the information available, that if a curative effect in the battery-room, peculiar to that place and not noticed elsewhere, is unquestionable, and if, as I understand to be the case, the curative effect is noticed only or chiefly when the liquid in the batteries is boiling, with evolution of gas, then I would not hesitate to attribute the curative effect to ozone as the only body certainly known to be present and I know one case is little upon which to base inference in clinical medicine, but this case opens up an interesting subject, and may point the means to relief and cure in many cases now only relieved by changes in climate and residence, so inconvenient to all and so impossible to the many. It is possible to present a certain amount of evidence in favor of these treatments. Macrurus the succeeding vertebra has a short transverse process on each side, the extremity of which has the appearance of having supported a costal appendage.

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