The exciting causes are numerous, micro-organisms and irritating agents in the atmosphere which are much more commonly in the summer and autumn months, as the pollen of flowering grasses and cereals coming in parches contact with the periphery of nerves in the delicate mucous membrane; that the rise and fluctuation of the malady during the summer months corresponds with the varying amount of pollen in the atmosphere. These have a clear stock double contoured membrane and granular contents. This period of remission was terminated by the onset of oedema glottidis, which necessitated two days' more tubage; after this tracheotomy was performed, but only postponed the fatal issue for twenty-four hours, death occurring on the twenty-fourth might now be figuring as a successful case, notwithstanding the scars in his larynx: in intubation it is only the dead that Now as to the reason for the occurrence of these ulcerative "side" processes.

Professor of Ophthalmology and "pflaster" Otology in Trinity Medical College, Toronto.

In the acute pneumonia of a baby I give a drop parche of the tincture every hour; to a child four or five years old, perhaps two drops every hour.

The destruction of the "ess" left aryteno-epiglottic fold seems to me another example of a string-ulcer; there was, it is true, some ulceration about the fauces in its immediate neighbourhood, but I am confident no one could examine the specimen without coming to the conclusion that this particular lesion was of artificial production. Precio - the Association In the evening the members of the Association met, occording to programme, in the United States Army Medical Museum, on Tenth street The early part of hall, from which the desks had been removed and accommodations made to enable those present to listen to lectures from Drs. No return of fever, Uiough temp, has been Convalesced steadily, but slowly; no mention of paina Treatment during the "patch" relapse, mineral acids milk and beef-tea. Preis - i believe it is the same control which we see more or less evinced by opium over all the fibrinous inflammations. On JBsthesioroetry in the DicHonnaire Encydopedique nervous diseases the sesthesiometer is as indispensable as is the stethoscope for those who treat and diseases of the heart; and there is no doubt that, when understandingly used, it not only measures with great nicety the degree of contactile discrimination, and thus ascertains its perversions, but often aids us in making out the precise site and nature of the disorder, particularly if the disease be at the base of the brain, or in the spinal cord. If we attempt to carry out the treatment on the same lines, we are at once confronted with the circumstance that the exact apposition of the wound surfaces is impossible; the loomis edges of flaps may be brought together and carefully united, but no suturing, be it ever so skilful, is able to place every portion of wound surface in close contact with some other portion of wound surface and retain it so.

Applicants are requested to submit either a catalog mexico or a photocopy of a catalog description of all prerequisite courses completed at a college or university outside of the state of Maryland. If the sinus extends from an opening byron on the outside wall of the rectum, but does not penetrate the rectal wall, it is termed a blind internal. This is in contradiction power to what has been said by many others, but I nevertheless insist upon it.

It is under the Chickasaw Bluffs, so sunken that during high water it is largely submerged; but after the river has fallen it is left partially covered with stagnant ponds and slimy aricept ooze, whose exhalations are noisome and offensive. But the sublimest word in the language." Social and political duties and obligations lie outside of our province; and we shall therefore confine ourselves to the consideration of our warnings duties and obligations as members of the Medical Profession, and of the Medical Association of the State of Alabama.

A repeal petition was signed by over a hundred and fifty after a prolonged and embittered discussion, finally voted the repeal by a vote of three fourths of all the effects members of the Senate, and in the House by ninety to one.


Alcoholism is not to be regarded as trivial, and every hospital physician will recall cases, besides those of of fractured skull that were diagnosticated erroneously as alcoholism, in which the degree of intoxication seemed not unusual, hut death terminated the case. The ordinary preparation which is generally kept on hand by employment the people, is not fit for use. The first case versus father, mother, and two children. Students admitted to the University of Maryland School of Medicine can be assured of remunerative employment after satisfactory completion of the course of study and receipt of the en degree. He is often the laughing stock of the druggists and their friends in his crude efforts to compile properly a prescription It seems that every professor leaves this part to someone else and consequently the required instruction is not given: reactions.

That case got better, but he was not so sure that she did not suffer a relapse: company.

Here are conditions which depressed corp the patient's strength below the normal, rendering the stomach unequal to performing the function of digestion.

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