Medical officer as a member of the Comnlission which is to be in charge of the Isthmian Canal. With furrowed cheek and whitened brow.

A communicable disease is one caused by a specific virus transferred from person to person, or from animal to animal, in a great variety of ways. These drugs aid in relieving symptoms and in hastening cure, but after a prolonged and thorough trial. The increase in atmospheric pressure in the deepest mines has little meters into the water the air contained in it is compressed to one-half The physiological effects of an increased atmospheric -pressure are mainly due to an increase in the amount of atmospheric gases (especially nitrogen) which are taken up by the blood, and also an increase in the chemical absorption of oxygen by the red blood cells. Species, and is contracted by man from various lower animals, as the dog, horse, eregra or cat.

Cold countries having marked seasonal variations in temperature have been most affected, but the disease is always most prevalent in the warm, dry months, from May to Xovember in the northern hemisphere and Xovember to May in the southern hemisphere. The writer maintains that"not a word would have been printed if the few doctors who knew about the fortunate colored lady's experience had chosen to keep their information to themselves In other words, the newspapers gave out what the doctors told them, and if any mistake has been made the responsibility should be placed where it belongs." As to this particular case, we are not in a position to know whether this assertion is in accord with facts or not; but we do know that very often the most garbled reports are obtained and published, not only without the knowledge, but in direct defiance of the expressed wishes, of those most concerned. Sorne thing in the direction of such publication has recently been done by the U.

The long mesonephron makes it very difficult or quite impossible to uncover the posterior surface of the kidney for the application of sutures without opening the peritoneum, an accident to be avoided. This may be due to neurotic ancestry, or it may be acquired as a result of over-indulgence in stimulants or narcotics, or it may appear in middle life as a result of the strain of modern civilization. Stimulating measures include irritation of the fifth cranial nerve in the nose by Ammonia, or on the brow by cold; of the olfactory nerve by odoriferous substances; of the optic and acoustic nerves by powerful light and sounds respectively; and of the nerves of the skin generally by painful impressions, such as flicking with towels, flagellation or slapping, extreme heat, the sudden application of cold as in the cold bath "pounds" or douche, mustard plasters, and other powerful local irritants. I have used it as a dressing after amputation of fingers, lacerated and contused wounds and two or three cases of burns, and in all cases with the happiest results (phosphate). McFadyean, in a paper on Swine Fever chloroquine read before the Pathological Society of London said the organism which is the cause of this fever is a small bacillus which in point of size and form closely resembles the bacillus of glanders. We ihen devoted our whole attention to the inanition.

We hope soon to know more about the various remedies that have been employed successfully; and as we acquire this knowledge, and are able to account for their effects, we shall become perfectly scientific when empiricism has thus without exception given place to rationalism: antabuse.


It was quite as remarkable that Pfeiffer should have left it "price" to Metchnikoff and Bordet to show that a considerable part of the reaction which took place in the peritoneal cavity of immunised guinea-pigs could be quite well and easdy observed in vitro.

If the disease sprang from the ducts of the epididymis, the glandular structure of the body of the gland, if not destroyed by pressure, would certainly be found in a mass enclosed in its own tunic, distinct from the morbid growth, and not spread over the surface.

It was formerly difficult to distinguish horse meat, but this is now rendered comparatively easy by means of the The different kinds of meat may be detected by physical, microscopical, chemical, or biological tests. An example of such a change is provided when cane-sugar is introduced parenterally into an animal. I had not seen her before, and when I arrived the labor was well advanced. This treatise consists essentially of the lectures that the author has been accustomed to deliver to his students, amplified, rearranged and handsomely illustrated. The angle and a part pills of the base. A limestone spring that becomes muddy soon after a rain should be regarded as particularly suspicious. Bonney, with the patient recumbent on the back and the knees drawn upward and slightly toward the side to be examined, the fingers of the left hand are placed over the twelfth rib behind while the thumb gently grasps the anterior parietes immediately below the costal margin.

This was, later, variously attributed bv different observers to their lodgement in the capillaries, the alkalinity of the blood, the phagocytes, and the blood'serum. The local immunity of the part may be diminished by a local anemia from any cause, by the presence of dead or injured tissue, by the action of irritants, trauma, etc.

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