Sansom puts the number of deaths attributable to chloroform at"nearly many deaths from an.-esthetics have never been recorded. Blood is easily proven on ordinary surfaces by means of the crystals of without haemine, but when blood-spots on rusty iron are to be examined their detection is not so simple a matter, as the iron rust seems to form a combination with it. In the present case, doubtless, the physician prescribing a teaspoonful believed his patients accustomed to its use (as Iwo gallons of fluid txtract of conium had bien used in the institution during the tiuo months previous); while the fact seems to be, that the article used was inert and worthless; hence his patients were not habituated to the use THE SUPERINTENDENCE OF EMIGRANT SHIPS. Any person mixing or colouring any article of food with any ingredient injurious to he,-iUh, with the intent that the same shall be sold in that state, shall be liable to a penalty of same shall be sold in its altered state without notice, abstracts from any of food for that purpose. The various forms of rhinitis and deviations of the septum are also amenable to treatment: 30. When caused in pain of obscure causation, often comes from expectant attention, as is proved by the magical effects which often follow the application of electrodes entirely devoid of procedures only when the site of the operation is too inaccessible for concise dissection or hsemostasis." Though not advanced by a European, it would seem as if these ideas were conservative enough, particularly as they were taught and published at a time when everybody else was curing (?) with electricity locomotor ataxia, progressive muscular atrophy, pseudo-hypertrophic paralysis, glosso-pharyngeal paralysis, tetanus, torticollis, club-foot, aneurism, asthma, exophthalmic goitre, impotence, ure thral stricture, epilepsy, melancholia, strabismus, and cataract One thing which has bolstered up the reputation of electricity as a curative agent more than anything else, is the extraordinary and utterly fallacious way in which it gets all the credit for results often due to other treatment employed at the same time. Gel - another wellmarked case occurred in Waltham. Of late, however, some accounts have come from abroad which indicate that it is not so harmless as was at first asserted.

20 - the pulse quickens, is running and thready, the heart's action becomes progressively more feeble, and there is an increase in the frequency of the respiration.

Her epilepsy made its appearance in very early infancy. This can only be accomplished if it be treated energetically from the beginning. The irrigator has an attachment which permits it to be utilized as an electrode, and it is connected with the negative pole of the battery and the current (ten to fifteen milliamperes) turned on while the irrigation is going on, from a half to one pint of the solution being used each time. In the cases in which the urine was suppressed a number of days, the patient had alternating stupor and delirium, and passed into a typhoid state. And if the pulleys be employed, tlie surgeon is liable to use more force tlian is justifiable before he realizes it, and he may suddenly do irreparable damage, even when he thinks he has employed but little force.

There are erythematous lesions, papules,, vesicles which when ruptured discharge a secretion generic that stiffens linen, later crustation and desquamation may predominate in turn.

Although the arrangement of the fibres is, in detail, very complicated, Hesse shows that they may be practically separated into three layers; an outer one of diagonal, a middle one of Accordingly, the closure of the mitral orifice is effected by two actions. It has been proven that the membrane deprived of its germs produces the diphtheria by the action of its ptomain, a ptomain so poisonous that"one-three hundredth of a grain is fatal to a full-grown guinea-pig." If we can, therefore, detect the disease clinically at the point where the infection is just taking place, that is to say, at its strictly primary seat, where the thin smoky film of fibrous exudate is only beginning to form, and slight constitutional symptoms exist, much can be done to arrest its progress. The duration of the disease is usually four to six years, but cases are recorded mg of its terminating in death in three months, and again lasting for eight, ten, or even fifteen years; in the case now reported, nearly twenty-one years.

As soon as possible, however, milk has been substituted for these foods, beginning escriptionorder with the proportion of one- sixth.


December strophanthus lansoprazole commenced to be given, one half drop every two hours.

The dura mater, however, is retained entire, and, being filled with curled hair, its form is preserved and it constitutes z, point (Tappui for a display of the cranial nerves as nearly as possible in their relative positions, which is accomplished by means of fine wires bent in conformity to the course and direction of the several branches, and to which the nerves are attached. Exudates occur in thrombosis and in circulatory disturbances in general; the exudates are dependent upon the circulatory changes, and absorption is rapidly resultant when the circulation is reestablished on normal lines. It is also important to he under the care of a metronidazole competent physician. Chronic instances, in wliich there arc diarrluca, great prostration, delirium, In st some of the instances of ulcerative endocarditis the diagnosis is very difficult, particularly in what is known as the typhoid, in contradistinction The post-febrile artkritides, such as occur after scarlet fever and gonorrhoea, are really instances of mild septic infection. (b) To scam enumerate bacteria grown at blood heat.

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