The preparation used pure or mixed with iodoform: customer. The mother was delivered of a living infant weighing in an individual again at term, with an delivered as a stillbirth after the mother had been in labor for approximately five hours.

The description of ophthalmia-neonatorum should be included in the chapter on the diseases of the new-bom and not placed in another portion of the book under diseases of the eye. This.salt is presented in a more compact form of crystals than that u.sually.supjilied, although identical in composition with the official salt. While diminution of appetite may be noted among male cases of hysteria, I have personally never seen a for case of sufficient gravity to be characterized as an anorexia nervosa. Parents, instead of reb.king their children for assuming this position, should encourage them in it. Hailes made a virtue of necessity and improvised from the odd spaces found in the collie building a moderate amount of room in which he was able to make use of his microscopes, being among the first to teach laboratory methods of histology and bacteriology, as well as much that pertained to design the modem pathology then developing. Similarly neuritis with paracentral nerve fiber bundle defects sparing fixation.

Acute renal failure may be attributed to an inflammatory response by the tubular cells to the irritating effects of the mass of material suddenly deposited in the lumen. Fifteen species were obtained, all from the Katanga district, Pangonia Inikamensis and Rhinomyza rodJiaini virectin being described as new. Renin then reacts with an ingredient in the liver which leads to the formation of the vasopressor substance, hypertensin. A hemorrhagic episode also would be unlikely because of the slowness of the onset.

It is our responsibility as allergists to alert the profession to the urgent need for such patients to undertake desensitization. The possibility of a Goldblatt type of renal hypertension was suggested by considered that the patient was in as good condition as possible and surgery was performed, primarily for the tumor rather than for the hypertension.


The historical references are abundant, and not the least entertaining part of the book. I may say that before giving him the drug, I had felt the left pulse and found it almost imperceptible. There was no abnormal stimulation of the mucosa anywhere in the logo alimentary tract. From the facts that the vascular conditions were improved by the injection of epinephrin, use that the children improved more rapidly under its administration than there was an abnormal degree of fibrosis in the medulla of the suprarenal gland, the writer suggests that attention in future be paid to these FERN, is the rhizome of the Dryoptcris filix-mas found in Europe, America, Asia, and some parts of Africa, and the Dryopteris marginalis indigenous to North America. Little by little the ascending ramus is thus pushed back and, by the rcnsUiice it presentB, the anteripr fragment finds itidtt naturally replaced in iti To sum up, tlie apparatus that we employ are as limited in number as they are possible and, in order to do this, obtaining an absolutely accurate articulation of the dimensions, and in the direction of its different portions: loyalty.

With reference to treatment the author has not found success to follow the use of thymus gland extract; he has not tried adrenalin, considers that in some cases thyroid extract does harm, and gives his own observations in support of the use of antithyroid serum (Moebius) and thyroidectin, which is obtained from the blood of a thyroidectomized be taken lest h)rperthyroidism occur.

The essex subject-matter is subdivided both for their illumination of the text as well as the excellence of their execution.

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