The surgeon has empirically used one after the other, only to avigra flit on to some fresher and brighter flower just blossoming forth. Increase of blood pressure induces a slower and stronger cardiac systole, the heart being "malegra" stimulated to overcome the resistance.

The experiments, in fact, offered results which seemed to contradict the notion that leucaemia is an infectious disease in "figral" which germs circulate in the blood. Bibliograpbie d'un protectrice de I'eufance de Paris.) Concours de Deseret (Phineas). The causal law, the theoretical necessity, eludes us This was the subject of a paper by Dr. As Medical Adviser to a large boys' school for the past twenty-five years, and since the Education Board demanded the regular inspection of children at certain fixed dates, he had had to examine the physical condition of a large number of children, and was very much astonished to find the things requiring most care were, in teeth. In iritis and cyclitis there is a circumcorneal injection, a pink or red color radiating from the cornea. It must necessarily follow that congestive and inflammatory conditions, secretory perversion of the lachrymal, Meibomian, Zeissian and perspiratory glands, and disturbance of the normal nutrition of any of the orbital tissues may result from lesions of the lower cervical and upper dorsal Osteopathically we know that such a lesion may not be sufficient to be paralytic in its effect, but stimulatory. The dermoscope or liygro-dermomet relative position of the arteries, in respect to with in such operations, both externally and BrotK- (H. Thyne, George Hunter, Dr James Ritchie (Secundits), Dr Francis D. Immediately after the injection in ascitic cases line the patients often complained of sharp abdominal pain. They said she was all right every other way if her eyes were properly fitted with glasses. During these rises the spirochaetes are found in the blood. It might be applied with a brush or sponge to any article of clothing without doing it the slightest harm; and it would not only disinfect it, but also impart to it disinfecting properties which would last for a considerable time. The distribution of the parasite in Nature leaves no room for doubt that its pathogenic powers are slight and very limited. The fever which is usually slight may persist during the entire eruptive stage, but if it is high and persists as high temperature it suggests compHcations.

Even this rather strict condition did not establish a given isolate as the definitive cause of infection because of its inability to establish clonality. Experience has shown that if there is involvement of the supraclavicular BOSTON MEDICAL AND SURGICAL JOURNAL procity as Illustrated by the Consideration of the Classification and Treatment on of Benign Tumors of the Breast, By J. Similar degenerative changes were also observed in the Malpighian bodies of the spleen.

At the right base there was marked dulness extending from the inferior angle of the scapula, and this dulness was bounded anteriorly by a curved line running steeply down from the posterior axillary line to the costal margin. A.) Aiiinials a cause of scarlet Abbott (A. Although there may have been high fever for several days, the first symptom noticeable is a stiffness in the gait. Affected tubes and ovaries should be removed only when this can be done easily. Collections of the organisms in more or less intricately arranged and interwoven" tangles," or" clumps," are quite frequently seen. Now the digestion is good in both cases.

As smallpox is contagious without eruption it seems that the secretions and excretions convey the virus.


This man, like many others of his set, was in the "reviews" habit of indulging in unnatural practices.

He has observed that very little excitement attended the method, that very little chloroform was required, that vomiting was almost entirely absent, and that sleep followed the operation for hours, the postoperative stage being without nz disturbance.

The condition may become chronic, the patient may succumb to uremia, but in the majority of cases recovery takes place. Hackedorn was a man of imposing personal bear ing, fine culture, general intelligence,' marked characteristics, enterprising and liberal; all of which rendered him a valuable accession to any and Dr.

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