Two pieces of thin mackintosh, a little larger and similarly shaped, sufiBcient cotton wool to cover both chest and back, a poultice jacket, safety pins, linseed meal, a spatula (ordinary painter's), a basin, and boiling water are also needed, and, if the poultice be made at any distance from the patient, two hot plates. The saxcoma that grows at the end of a long bone after injury is comparable with the tubercular osteitis ensuing under similar circumstances. Trousseau's advice to visit the closet every day at the same dose hour is reiterated.

Next introduce the lower blade, only pass it' posteriorly to the upper.'" This method is practised with the patient in the left lateral position, as is usual in Great Britain.


Condensed milk, and possibly, among a few of "prednisone" the better-class miners, beef tea, are about the only articles of diet obtainable.

With regard to curiosity, a surgeon has no business with any such meddling impulse (gout). That better results are most likely to follow where the remedy is given in small doses and is not pushed too rapidly, and only slight local reaction aimed at. Cantharides is indicated in some of these cases, where there is atony of the sphincter muscles of the neck of the bladder. The physician has no right to merely cater order to his patient's present judge of his own treatment, while the parent's anxiety over his stricken child unfits him for clear reasoning. No physician can do justice to himself or to his charge, who is unable when the case demands it, to apply the simple methods which without great labor or loss of time make clear to him the working ability of the stomach in its secretory, No one who has worked in "zhewitra" the broad field of medicine, unless finally biased by narrow and special prac tice, contends that in all diseases of the stomach we need the test meal and the knowledge gained by its chemic examination for the recognition of disease. Subscriptions and advertisements received, specimen copies and bound volumes for sale by the undersigned, to whom remittances may be sent by postal money older, bank check, or registered If medicine has in any respect become a certain science, this certainly can not be affirmed of prognosis. England, with our almost unchequered experience of higher phthisical death-rates in cities than in rural districts, would be inclined to say at once," Here, in the greater density of population, is the one and sufficient reason for the greater amount of phthisis in the recruits from Flanders and Picardy and Normandy!" This would be too hasty a conclusion. Striking increase in the red blood-corpuscles count that occurred in the interval between the first and second examinations was still apparent (indocin). In nearly all, the physical signs furnished by auscultation and percussion begin to diminish after the first day's use of the has remarked, one effect of this treatment is that there is hardly any convalescence. In the course of three or four hours, however, the patient died. The great towns stand ill, of course; but when we find that the ten departments where the northern dolichokephalic race is most in evidence, and the five of Normandy, and the five which I have selected as best exhibiting the combination of tall stature, long head, and blond complexion,' agree in yielding a high average of phthisical recruits, little doubt remains on my mind that we have to do with an affair of race or heredity. I treat enlarged tonsils just as I do the strumous diathesis. White troops as to black troops.

Field has however found, that two drachms of the capsule have produced the same effects as forty grains of the farina; which last is the remains of the kernel of the seed, after it has had the croton oil expressed from it.

The person gradually becomes thinner, and looks and feels younger and more active, as his (or her) superabundance disappears. Wherever we turn we find that Darwin's influence has modified the direction of thought, and whether the study concerns the evolution of the elements, the evolution of the planetary systems, of living beings, of communities, of customs, of laws, of literature, science or art, in every department of human knowledge we find that men, consciously or unconsciously, are influenced by Darwin's work. When the dilatation of the heart is the prominent feature, the waters and baths of Nauheim, assisted by the movements Emphysema comes more or less under the same head.

In such cases the treatment will be the same "for" as in sprain of the shoulder.

Much would depend upon the effect of the toxins upon the muscles, the nerves, and their endings in the muscles.

The following preamble and resolutions were passed: Whereas: The messenger of death has again crossed the threshold of our society, and another of our membership has passed beyond that invisible veil which separates us from the spirit land, and Whereas: Our deceased member, Dr. The hand is peculiarly liable to injury "mail" at one or another of the numerous phalangeal or metacarpal articulations.

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