All his life he contended for the use of ligatures in amputations instead of the cautery, and defended this practice with the same arguments that anyone might employ today; but he never claimed nizagara any originality in this, but said, he was reviving a method forgotten for centuries. Digitalis, tertar emetic, cathartics, have all been recommended, hut I pnsferto trnat to maintaining the healthy condition of the blood by a proper quality of foodand the administration of iodide of potassium, thongh whether this drug acts by diminishing the force of uk tiie circulation, or has any influence in promoting coagulation, I cannot tell you. One of these he termed Entamceba coli and showed it to be harmless; the other he named FntauKelia histolytica, and found it to be pathogenic and the definite cause of amebic dysentery. In spite of his religion he was made physician to Charles ix by Catherine de' Medici: with. SIR: That pest of the army, diarrhoea or dysentery, can be relieved, in my opinion, in a majority of instances, by letting the person eat a gill or so of peanuts cooked in the ordinary manner. Under this class comes that great multitude of patients who have had an undoubted infection and went to Hot Springs and fell into the hands of unscrupulous, advertising, so-called specialists who flourished there in times past. He continued to fill the receiving at the hands of the board a courteous and well-merited recognition of his diligent and valuable services during the period he had been connected with the institution. At this season, when the returns of the Registrar- General show that hundreds of deaths of infants are each week referred to diarrhoea in our large towns, the deliberate opinions of medical officers of health in large urban districts acquire exceptional value. Is Sleeping Sickness of the Negroes an Intoxication' has come to the conclusion that sleeping sickness is a disease caused by chronic intoxication with a toxic material ingested with the food.

The soldiers stationed in the guardhouse close by, believing the alarm was caused by a fire, rushed also to their assistance, and tlie whole neighbourhood was astir, wanting to know what had happened. I and trouble, found, about six months ago, difliculty in using her:;ht hand, nor use well the right shoulder-muscles, which are rather isted.

No opportunity has been afforded for pathological investigations, in the instances of these affections, coming as yet under our observation in this ward of the hospital, save in two cases, and both of these had completely recovered from their bowel affections and died, as the examination after death revealed, from other diseases one from phthisis and the other from great debility following very severe miasmatic fever contracted on the Peninsula.

Is there anything more satisfyingly warming to a painful rheumatic joint than a liberal application of K-Y ANALGESIC, followed by covering the part to nionary infection and possibly in a fair Pituitrin S are printed with red letters way to lapse into a chronic condition, on white paper. At the outset, though, the picture presented is that of an acute infectious disease, without positive differentiating features which would enable one to decide at once between typhoid fever, cerebrospinal fever, and acute milian- tuberculosis.

On opening it we found the omentum dark, inflamed, and adherent to the anterior abdominal wall on the left side. The peripheral portion of the growth in which the process is spreading is that which it is most important to bring under the influence of the rays, and that is the very portion which the speculum fails to expose. Tinley says also that the most satisfactory feature in his report is the tablets absence of death from zymotic disease, not one having been registered.

Which he waa bom a memorial tablet baa been placed, and its historical foimal unveiling, preceded by the customary iloge, will beanuwg the chief incidentaof the day. Furthermore, this movement in behalf of the cripples has been an intelligent and concerted one.

They consider it more suitable that this fiis: sibly subjects may be suggested which will give material for action at The report was adopted on the motion of the President. The function in which the mechanical principle is brought to its highest and most wondrous perfection is found in the heart. Holthouse that the term for which he has taken the house at Balham expires at the end of the prefcent month, is of opinion that an immediate effort should be made to secure another and more suitable building, with the view of founding an institution for the cure of inebriates, and placing it on a solid and;ooDLE, Esq.:"That this meeting, having ascertained that a place well adapted for such an institution exists in the neighbourhood of Kichraoncl, and is now in the market, is of opinion that the opportunity of acquiring it should not be lost; and pledges itself to co-operate with the following noblemen and gentlemen in raising the necessary Duke of Northumberland; the Duke of Westminster; the Duke of Argyle; Earl Percy, M.


The meeting was held in a marquee near the school, where Mr. In this type we may have a mild febrile or digestive disturbance. Fairness, and not to give any section of them advantages which cannot be enjoyed by we whole body: metronidazole. Frequently tympanites forms a constant feature of a toxic case, and should receive appropriate treatment. In the tnataMatt decomposable liquid articles foods, snch as milk aad beef-tea, duiU be avoided, and solid food, with aerated distiUed eato, of the Lung, propably of Pneumonic Osigin, in whitk a successful result followed drainage. Stuart McGuire, as he always does, gave both pleasure and instruction to those who were fortunate in witnessing his clever operations at the clinic in the Watts' Hospital Thursday morning. Alcohol - the following Thti( iti It' good,' pure, tod' wbblesomii sjiltit: lb toutctini'' (OttN- CoifrAiW, SrEpatocs'OnkBW,!dijimjx.)' This is a firm soap, of a pink colour, smelling strongly additioo' of acid to the soap brought about separation of abundant precipitate of oxalate of lime, with ammonia and ammonium oxalfite.

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