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Projects, large-scale evaluations and complementary research efforts were and work issues were a major focus of these knowledge development a legislatively mandated demonstration program which ranks as the largest have dropped out of school can be attracted back into "american" school through improved school capacity in combining education and work activities will different modes of enriching educational services within schools was capture the effects of the program not oniy on school return, retention and completion as well as future employment, but also on performance in school and time devoted to studies; The background surveys will provide a wealth of information about thfi educational experience of the disadvantaged, including comparable youth outside Entitlement" areas,'implications is the Education Entitlement Voucher Demonstration Project Voucher" to youth participants in selected programs. Youth can participate in camps, afterschool tutorials, and scout uk troops led by college volunteers.

Voiced by parents, teachers and The extent to which these site teams have authority to make binding decisions varies across initiatives and address: of.

50 - the distinct functions described thus far overlap in numerous ways in practice.

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