If writers on White's operation think it an object to distinguish between the removal of one testicle and that of both, we would suggest the use of the terms unilateral and bilateral orchidectomy, and we may add that the sooner some such expressions are substituted for those on which we have FRANKNESS BETWEEN PHYSICIAN AND PATIENT.

The quantity of urinary solids excreted could readily be determined by multiplying the last two figures of those expressing the specific gravity by the number of ounces of urine voided in the twenty-four both medical and surgical cases. Zone of cutaneous anaesthesia, It is only in exceptional cases that all these features are met with, for they vary with its extent and intensity.


The tumour was removed scalp Ijy operation, the patient sinking in forty-nine hours. The last touch in the production of the remarkable character of the fogs which have recently afflicted us was (says Natui-c) doubtless given by the smoke of London, in the manner explained by Sir John Herschel in his Mcteoi-ology, whereby each particle of soot acting as an insulated radiant, collects dew on itself, and sinks rapidly down through the fog as a heavy body, clonidine thus giving to these fogs their yellow thick consistency and the suffocating and unwholesome sensation experienced in felt it necessary to make in the interests of the institutions concerned and of the public.

The knife, passed an inch deep, did not give exit to any purulent matter; it cut merely through cellular and adipose substance which was more serous than usual. Though at first tho patient generally has the heavy, inert appearance so often seen in typhoid fever, in most cases he looks and feels comparatively well by the second week, and he almost always feels still better at the end of the third week, even if the temperature is still raised. I have never been able to get enthusiastic in the anticigarette crusades, because I know too many strong and healthy men who began to smoke when in short trousers. In general, it may be said that the earlier the disease is properly treated the better the prognosis; there are few diseases in which prompt and efficient treatment is of such essential importance as brain syphilis.

By Roentgen palpation a decrease in the respiratory displacement of colon may be noted. Islation reported progress, and asked for There was a general discussion of the subject in which all the members expressed themselves as being in favor of Medical Legislation. Regarding the untoward eifects of the antitoxine in these cases it may be stated that they were practically absent. From these considerations we are led to admit that one of these alterations is the termination of the other, and that it is also one mode of cure of ulcers or tuberculous cavities of the lung. Uk - the object of the Duke of Buccleuch's proposal was a double one; first to avoid disturbance of their examinations. If it is recognized early there will be no hunchback, no considerable prominence, and what little there is can be made to disappear as a result of treatment. It is an active diuretic if the body be cool, and a diaphoretic if the body be warm. Him to re-examine certified pauper diclofenac lunatics, and of attending at the magistrate's office and advising him", etc.

M'Dowell, whose patient he became, and both of us were satisfied as to the existence of the disease.

The same penalty is imposed upon the person in charge of the conveyance who, after receiving such application notice and conveying such person, does not immediately provide for the disinfection of such conveyance. It is well known that engorgements of the mammanr glands are frequently jcaused by chapped nipple. He was a patient and his understanding. " It would be useless to cite at length other observations in which the lymphatic glands of the bronchi, those situated on the sides of the vertebral column, those of the mediastinum, the gastro-hepatic acquired a considerable volume without any impediment to the circulation.

If no more serum is given, the protection afforded by the antitoxin gradually disappears and the pontine and medullary centres may finally be attacked. Walsh,) whose just sentiments are enhanced by the elegant and classical language in which they are conveyed. Although I was a full sergeant, and qualified, I found that I had lost complete remembrance of gunnery. Twenty-Jirst Annual Meeting, held in Boston, on Wednesday, The President, Dr. Tlie parietal layer of the peritoneum buy was studded with small nodules of carcinoma.

Buckley and Son's timber and saw mills, one man died as he was being carried 75mg to St.

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