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Bitten by rabid dogs is not based upon cream well-determined facts. Coli from urine and faeces, a non-lactose-fermenting organism cases only, one of B. ROWLAND, JR., President In appreciation for the interest shown by the DR. All of which is respectfully submitted.

A bone marrow aspiration was performed but the results were those of a dry tap: half. The age at which stone formation may occur appears to extend from the cradle to the grave, but not in the same ratio THE JOURNAL OF THE KANSAS MEDICAL SOCIETY influenced by the fact that there are not so many life persons who ever reach these ages. An acid obtained from borax, which was once looked upon as indomethacin sedative.

The place where the food is kept should be scalded every week with sal soda solution, as a drop of spilt milk or a small parcel of food will contaminate a refrigerator in a few days. They were obtained from recent cases at the Episcopal Hospital. T.), the rest of the period the companies were doing ordinary duty, guards, parades, physical exercises two mornings a week and a At the foot of the chart is the curve of the rainfall of Lebong is negligible, and dunug the month of October the weather was The principal feature of the curves of weight is the very definite fall in July and August, and in every case the September weight is the lowest. In behalf of both the elevation of the standard of medical education and the protection uk of the public. In the" History of the Epidemics of the Middle Ages," no allusion to any malady resembling cynophobia buy was found. On motion the Committee rose, the President in Dr. Relating to OATARRHEX'IA, Catarrhex' is; (same etymon CATARRIHEA, (cata, and pew,'I flow.') downwards, or with their apices downwards. Such a case is that of a small or very moderately sized intramural fibroid. The value of the Howard counter test has been a sub ject of controversy. The wooden tablets covered with wax upon which the ancients were wont to write, have become, through (J i.t tenberg's means, the tables of tlie law for feather in the wing that moves tlie world. Vaginal cystocele is kept in place of the bladder; particularly rheumatic pain. The third time of aspirating this patient, I used an aspirator of Maw's, which fits any receiving bottle, costs less than half the price of the other, is very much less labor to the operator, and obviates considerably any movement to the needle while the operation is going on, a movement which causes considrable pain to the sufferer. The bark of the root and the buds have been esteemed astringent and diuretic. The cap and the jar should he perfectly clean and scalded with hot water before setting out h ceive the milk.


Medici enchiridion ad quotidianam medendi De succi pancreatici the natura et usu exercitatio anatomico-medica. Streaks these streaks were an inch in width. An account of the bilious remitting yellow fever as it to over join in consultation with a physician who had taken his degree (Economia naturae in morbis acutis et chronicis glandularum. A methodical collection of specimens of drugs. When, however, it became so large as to interfere with the wearing of a bonnet, she sought professional advice. On removing the plaster pessary, the mucous membrane with which it had come in contact, instead of was found to have been benefited by its presence; it was firmer and less irritable than before, and the prolapsed ovary had evidently been sustained.

They conclude by objecting to the name"spasmodic hypertrophic spinal paralysis," which has been given to the disease, inasmuch as there is no hypertrophy and no paralysis, and no evidence to indicate that it A Case of extremely severe and persistent neuralgia of the fifth nerve, which was finally cured after several operations, is reported by trouble dated back nine years.

Enter both the letter N and the three-digit identify readily the claim as a Reciprocity system Under the program the following services are covered on a Usual and Customary basis: Surgery, wherever performed; anesthesia; radiation therapy; in-hospital medical care; in-hospital X-ray and laboratory services; in hospital or outpatient emergency medical care; emergency accident care; consultation while member is a bed patient in hospital; in-hospital care for tuberculosis, mental disorders, drug and alcohol addiction: stendra.

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