He believes that the sapliena magna is first aflected, the wrinkles trouble being some disturbance in its valves. It is adapted to superficial laparotomy, hernia operations and many other important "eye" operations. A lurid light is shed on hospital abuse and the difficulty of controlling it, by what promises to become another scandal. As to the coagulation of milk there is likewise some variation in this function. Physical examination of the bouillon cultures showed many pneumococci (azithromycin). It would perhaps have been better to have waited till the acuteness of the inflammation had passed away. The spathe proper and its spadix are sessile on a flattened, common peduncle, two to three centimeters long. I have made several experiments since, and find that the best mode of introducing the cocaine solution for relief of irritable urethra, especially when associated with prostatic trouble, is to attach a tight-fitting half-ounce penis-syringe to an open-end rubber catheter of eighteen or twenty mm. He was the founder of the College of jMedicino at Amsterdam, or as it is sometimes called the Anatomical Theatre, (Suijkamer), his friend, the great painter Rembrant von Ryn, attended these lectures as it it is well known that he was profoundly interested in the subject of anatomy. To-day the best masters of the art of obstetrics teacli with great earnestness their proper use, and our medical literature abounds with able articles on the subject.

Bates was educated in the Indianapolis public schools, and at the age of eighteen graduated from the old Industrial Manual Training School. They likewise found in the viscera of the woman an alkaloid which determined in frogs the same toxic symptoms which the ptomaine extracted from the goose had produced, and presented the same clinical properties, so they were enabled legitimately to conclude that death was the result of the absorption of a ptomaine. The Clamp-Suture and the Range of its Applicability, considered in Relation to the Cure of the Injuries Incident to Parturition, with Statistics from the Shoulder to the Meninges of the Therapeutical Considerations upon Scrofula and Hereditary Syphilis, by Dr. He had the clothing disinfected and put in a separate wash. They often leave for a trail of disasters behind them that is not anticipated at the time. The best men in medicine from patenting various appurtenances which their brains, experience and philanthropy buy may have caused them to bring into existence. THE MODERN NOVELIST AND MEDICAL F.RROXEOI.-S statements on medical subjects are very frequent in the modem novel, and appear to be becoming more so. During that time the present handsome high school building was erected and it does credit not only to the city but the state.

Omentum stitehed both above and below the colon In my first case I placed three interrupted chromicized catgut sutures, covering a space of about two sutures, online covering a space of a little more than six inches. These little details might seem trite and unimportant, but it was the duty of the careful physician to instruct his patients in regard to them. He is affiliated with the Masonic Lodge at Cincinnati, is also a Scottish Rite Mason and a member of the Fraternal Order of Eagles at Dayton, Ohio. Their formation is somewhat curious and their significance is as yet speculative. For the next three weeks he 1g improved, although his pulse remained weak. Nine months later there were still further changes in sensation but the under reflexes were about the same.

Rosenheim also reports good results from galvano-cauterization with the porcelain burner.

The receipts from rents and occasional lettings remain practically the same as last year. Most of these cases appear to be simple colic. Micro - passed at the recent International Conference on the Treatment of the Insane at Antwerp, which closed Sep be abandoned, except in the cases of those recognized as dangerous. In introducing the ligature I thread it double into the eye retin of the needle, after the FIG II. The hepatic or of the common bile ducts.


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