In the proper housing of the laboring classes lies the welfare of the community and the sanitary, social and intellectual Think of the difference between the old tenement, which we desire to abolish, and the new one we desire to erect, and you will need no further incentive (order). Three of these cases were typhoids, which recovered, and the others were one each of phthisis, jaundice from gastro-duodenitis, acute bronchitis, intermittent fever, hysteria, and the one which showed the most numerous spots being a fatal case of cerebral meningitis following an otitis media. This should then be withdrawn and a fresh supply substituted, or the first lot heated and again used. Thompson suggested that the forceps might be improved so loss as to prevent the blade from slipping. It takes from none any of the instinct of self-preservation, but leaves tie primitive nature intact. THIS EXPRESSION OF INTEREST HAS BEEN PREPARED FOR Attention: The May issue of Colorado Medicine CMS members. Mento- posterior position of head is an impossible position for delivery; "india" it must be replaced.

The fermentation test in was active. It is an error to think that if the patient recovers, we have femara made an error in diagnosis.

Carlisle, of Buffalo, has been appointed medical interne at the where Manhattan State Hospital, New York. This apparatus consists of a heavy silver- lined copper cylinder into which a mixture containing formaldehyde with a small rubber tube, which can be conveniently introduced through a key -hole or some can other small aperture, into the room to be disinfected. This case event ijally recovered from the attack, and was discharged in five days.

The inner skin next to the glans sometimes needs additional trimming. Dizziness may be experienced by any one upon suddenly rising from bed, or after stooping for some time. Be gored so as to be perfectly plain at the top and buttoned upon the chemilette.

Under varying tensions of the vessels, there are flushes, chills, coldness of the extremities and other oppressive symptoms, while in addition appear the distressing ringing or hammering sounds in the head. They all had an enlarged liver and the fasting blood sugar was low or normal; ketonuria was present in one patient. I have been accustomed to take them in caJm breathing and extreme inspiration only.

They should then be quickly washed off with hot water containing a little salt, sewed up and returned, and the operation completed.

The weather of the past summer is shown by the United States Weather Bureau records to have been above the average in temperature, humidity and alli precipitation.


A breaking cart for hitching up colts single should be substantial, weight with long, heavy thills, and the seat arranged behind so that the driver can get on and oflf quickly. She was given onesixtieth of a grain of atropia, and in the course of an hour or two the respirations rose to sixteen or seventeen and she recovered well.

He died at the age of sixtyone.

These lesions are also the same size radiographically as they are clinically. When there is no inflammation, the plug of ointment ultimately shows itself on the surface, and takes on a black bead from the smoke and uirt in the air. An erosion or varix of the cartilaginous septum, generally but a short distance within the nose, is pills often the cause of frequent and annoying bleeding. Antabuse - he found no change in the nerve cells. For several days prior to the killing, he refused food and drink and was moribund when chloroform was canada administered. In complete closure the food must be fluid and forced into the rectum.

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